How writing can improve your productivity

Have you written your to do list for today? Did you hand write it or did you type your to do’s on a note on your desktop? Well the good news is that if you jotted down your list the old fashioned way on a piece of paper or post-it note then you’re more than likely to remember what you have wrote down. If you use your keyboard to put your list on a digital note, then your brain isn’t going to retain the information as easily as if it was writing down on a piece of paper.


There are many ways to keep motivated and productive at work and one of those is writing. Writing can calm you, it is a form of graphotherapy. If you’re writing a lot during the day, then you should write down an inspirational quote at least 10 times so it’s stuck in your head all day whilst you’re writing.

It also coordinates both the left and right side of the brain. If you join your writing up it can help the right and left side of your brain work together more effectively, producing an interesting read for the user.

It is said that if you repeatedly write then your brain will be more reliable as to remember important information that you need to remember.


When writing down notes or completing an essay or report then by writing it down the old fashioned way you will form new ideas and you will then be able to write a creative piece of writing. This will then lead to effective communication which is an effective way to train the brain.

As you pick up a pen and start writing a complex process will start in the brain. When this happens a part of the brain called reticular activating system will be stimulated which will act as a filter to help you concentrate to get through your to do list.

Furthermore, jotting down useful information can also improve your memory. By writing down relevant information on colour post-it notes or writing in a range of colourful pens it can help your brain associate a certain word or sentence with the colour that you have wrote it in.


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