Germs in the Office

Here are five things you should definitely clean in your office!

Computer mouse and keyboard

Other than the odd person on your computer you are the only one to touch your mouse and keyboard, so really how dirty could things get? In actual fact people rarely clean the mouse and keyboard and that’s when the dirt/ germs starts to pile up. Sort this out by weekly wiping your keyboard and mouse down with disinfecting wipes and you shut down your computer for the day.


Top of the desk

Everyone spends a lot of time at their desk working away to get jobs done. However, working hard is rewarded with bacteria!! You always have something on your desk, note book that you have with you, to do list, cup of tea/glass of water. All these things end up building to a germ fest! Make sure you wipe down your desk- even if you have cleaners to that for you, your desk needs to be clean regularly.


Office door frame

Of course door handles are already a germ magnet, but the door frame? Just think for a second about people who visit your office and stand in the door frame having a conversation with you and notice that most touch the door frame or lean on it. Either try and avoid touching it yourself and get it cleaned!



Do you remember the last time your phone was cleaned? No? Well it may be time for a clean. It has been found that there can be more than 25, 127 germs per square inch on the average office phone! Now do you feel the need to clean your phone?



Make sure there is no food in the fridge that has been there for a while, otherwise it just screams bacteria! Always make sure that the only things in the fridge are fresh and if they aren’t throw them out straight away! Also when you have touched the fridge door handle make sure you wash your hands, you don’t know how many times your co-workers have touched the same handle!


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