The Apprentice; by our Apprentice. Week Two.

We kick started week two with an advertising projects for jeans made from Japanese denim. The teams had two days to create and shoot a TV advert, create their brands and design digital screen the public can interact with. What could possibly go wrong?


Titans led by Mukai, dithered over making choices and missed so many deadlines they didn’t even finish their interactive bus shelter poster. Oh dear…  The boys’ decided to create unisex jeans, but in different cuts for men and women, how does that work?

Rebecca and Jessica pitched to be project manager for Nebular and when voting Rebecca put her hand up for herself… Wow. Jessica was chosen to be project manager and it was probably a HUGE mistake, they showed up for a photoshoot for their jeans campaign without the jeans?!?! How can somebody be so unorganised?


It didn’t look like this week’s task couldn’t have gone worse…

Overall it was a pretty bad performance from everyone, and this is around the point when we’d normally be saying “but there could only be one loser”.

But this week Lord Sugar pulled the rug out from under everybody by deciding that the teams had done so badly that neither should be allowed to win, bringing BOTH sets of candidates back into the boardroom. WHAT?!?! I would say can’t he do that but of course he can he’s Lord Sugar.

Despite his choice of six candidates to fire, he’d only fired one of them – hair and beauty salon owner Natalie Hughes (below), who was criticised for failing to step up during the first two weeks of the process.


If you missed this week’s episode you can check it out here on the BBC IPlayer

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