Avery Color Staks- What do the colours mean.

Avery ColorStak Office Set is a range of bright, angular trays that fits on top of each other, helping you keep your desk tidy and organised.
The Office Set is ideal for storing all your work documents and stationery, but, there’s no need to stop at storing pins and paperclips. You can also use the trays to organise your bathroom bits, bedroom rings ‘n things, or in the hall to keep your keys safe.

Decorating the office in certain colours has been proven to improve productivity. Sometimes one colour doesn’t do the trick. The colour that improves productivity depends on the type of work each person does. You can increase productivity overall by choosing the right combination of colours to decorate so that you can benefit by making your desk the colour that inspires you the most.

So what colour would inspire you the most?

  • Bright pinks stimulate energy which can inspire creativity
  • They also encourage action and confidence.


  • Universally known as an excellent colour for productivity.
  • Stable and calming, helps worker focus on the task at hand.


  • The colour of authority, power and control in businesses.
  • It is favoured by the youth market between 16-25.
  • Those who are achievement oriented and ambitious also favour black.


  • A good colour for people who work long hours.
  • Does not cause eye fatigue.
  • Helps you remain calm and efficient at the same time.


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