You need to get plants in your office!

Constantly feeling stressed, tired, depressed in the office? We have the answer to all your problems. An office plant!

According to a NASA study, a plant in the office can help clean the air and improve your health! As well as bringing a friendly touch to the office environment!

Having a plant in the office also helps reduce stress! In a study by Helen Russell at Surrey University they put a group of people in a room filled with plants and made them sit a difficult test. They measured their heart rate and blood pressure and compared it to people who completed the same test without the plants.

The results were that the group of people in the room filled with plants had a lower heart rate/blood pressure than those who were in a room with no plants.

office plants

In a study conducted in 2010 by the Nursery and Garden Industry, you could see the reductions that were recorded when plants were present in the office:

  • Tension/Anxiety – 37% reduction
  • Depression/Dejection – 58% reduction
  • Anger/Hostility – 44% reduction
  • Fatigue – 38% reduction

During research trials in the UK, it was shown that workers surrounded by plants were able to complete computer-based tasks with a reaction time that was 12% faster than test groups that didn’t have plants surrounding them. The research gathered also suggested that tending for potted plants also helps to improve focus over of a typical working day, improving the concentration and attention to detail.

Businessman Watering Plant in an Office Cubicle

Office plants can make your office more comfortable, it is vital that you make your workplace as comfortable as possible, to get the best out of everyone.

This is particularly important when it comes to humidity, which can rise during the summer and create a working environment for staff members that doesn’t optimise productivity. The recommended humidity range for human health and comfort is fixed between 30% and 50%, and falling short of this can make employees fatigue, potentially give them low immune systems, and even respiratory discomfort. Plants can take away these issues.

Harvard biologist, E.O. Wilson, in his book: Biophilia (1984) proposed that humans have a natural tendency to affiliate with nature and other life-forms. The term, Biophilia, has since been used to describe humanity’s innate need for nature.



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