Not a punctual person? Here are 5 reasons why you should be!

Struggling for the 9am role call? Constantly find yourself just those few minutes late? Being punctual is not only a likeable quality, but will also dramatically help you with your workload, encourage collaboration and harmony between your team and show your professionalism. After all, no one likes someone who shows up late dragging the whole day back…

You should always start out the night before (especially on those dreaded MONDAY mornings) with getting your clothes ready, making your lunch and even setting the coffee timer so it’s ready for your morning pick me up!


There are endless reasons why you should be punctual. Here are some you might agree with!

  1. First of it benefits everyone else in your workplace, especially if they are relying on you for work they need.
  2. Punctuality is key, if you are always late it can seem like you have no respect for your co-workers. So if you are on time or just a few minutes early you can earn the respect of your co-workers. When you give respect to others they will return it.
  3. Organised: A punctual person usually organises his/her work well, thinks ahead of time, and gives each task a deadline decide which tasks are more important. You can do this by simply writing a to-do list.
  4. Being a couple of minutes early to a meeting or work, gives you time to relax, collect your thoughts and prioritise your day’s activities. This will help you sail through the day with no major glitches.
  5. Productivity: An employee who isn’t stressed about completing work or arriving late is the employee who has come in early enough to give them a few minutes to settle in before the day’s work begins. They will have a better chance to get more accomplished than a late comer who feels more pressurised.

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