Why We Should Go Green?

Stay Healthy

Choosing organic foods are a big part of going green, and this helps you to stay healthy. If you are eating organic foods, you are ingesting fewer pesticides and other chemicals. Remembering to use things like using organic makeup and soap is important too considering that your skin absorbs a lot of what you put on it.


Go Green to Keep Chemicals Out of the Environment

Along with keeping these chemicals out of your body, buying organic also keeps them from being used on products. This keeps them from getting into the soil, water, and air. You can buy organic food, clothes, and cleaners in many stores, making it easy to protect the environment from these chemicals. Growing your own vegetables can help reduce chemicals, pesticides and herbicides and help you eat more healthy food. Remember that the food you buy from the supermarket is often trucked in, which means emissions from large trucks.


Save Resources

This is probably one of the most obvious reasons to make your life greener. Green living includes buying products that are recycled, and in turn recycling products. It isn’t difficult to recycle around your home, and it is also easy to find recycled products in most stores. Try to reuse as many items as you can. Be creative about recycling and perhaps think about starting a compost bin in your yard, if you have space.


Save Energy

While energy can be considered a resource, it is almost in its own category. This is because making things, no matter what they are and what they are made of, takes energy. When you go green by living more frugally and buying recycled products, you are saving a lot of energy in the process.

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Save Money

Along with saving resources, you can also save a lot of money when you go green. Things such as fluorescent light bulbs are a great example. They cost more up-front, but they last much longer than traditional light bulbs and use a lot less energy. Using these and other energy saving appliances in your home can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollar a year!


These are just a few of the reasons to go green. The best part is that being more eco-friendly isn’t difficult at all.

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